has a contract with US Border Patrol

Salesforce is quietly maintaining a contract with US Customs and Border Protection, providing an operational backbone for the agency’s human rights violations and separation of families at the border. Nonprofits are refusing donations from Salesforce, and vendors pulled out of their conference. Yesterday we protested and Salesforce felt it. We need to keep the pressure on Salesforce’s CEOs. Use the button below to tell Salesforce to decide on their legacy & cancel their contract with border patrol.

Activists Set Up “Detention Center” at Dreamforce

Dreamforce is Salesforce’s flagship conference. Thousands of people from around the world are in attendance. This was the perfect time to take action and ask Salesforce to drop their contract with CBP. We took our demands offline and into the face of CEOs Marc Benioff and Keith Block with a 800 pound, 14 foot tall detention center.

If Salesforce won’t cut ties with Border Patrol, cut ties with Salesforce

Salesforce prides itself on being a socially engaged and responsible company. But its actions show otherwise. Below is a list of speakers scheduled to appear at the company’s flagship conference in San Francisco in September. Please tweet at them and encourage them to pull out unless Salesforce stops helping Border Patrol violate human rights.